"Unbreakable" Pull-String Monitor (TL-2000)

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The Unbreakable Pull Strin Monitor TL-2000 is a great product for any facility that is looking for an affordable and more durable alternative to the standard pull string.  This monitor has a cord that is attached by a magnet and is then clipped onto a residents garment at the other end of the cord.  The cord length can be adjusted for patient comfort and to prevent false alarms. It can be attached to a chair or on the back of a headboard with a velcro strap which comes with the unit.  When the resident or patient attempts to get out of the chair or bed, the magnet detaches from the monitor and alerts the caregiver. The monitor is also covered in a protective foam case that prevents it from breaking and there is a lifetime warranty on this product! 


  • No need to replace - This has a lifetime warranty!
  • Durable - Foam cover protects the monitor.
  • Easy set up - Attach the monitor with a simple velcro strap.


  • Impact resistant foam cover
  • Locking Mounting Strap
  • Lifetime warranty

Included With: TL-2000