Pull-String Fall Monitor

These Pull-String Fall Alarm Monitors features a cord that attaches via a garment clip to the resident’s clothing. When the resident attempts to get out of their chair or bed, the tension on the Pull-String Cord causes the fall alarm to sound, alerting the caregiver of the residents departure. 

The units also include guards to protect from false alarms. Adjust the Cord Stop to desired Pull-String length for the resident’s comfort and also to prevent false alarms. A Velcro strap is included for easy mounting. "Unbreakable" models feature a soft shock-proof enclosure and a Lifetime Warranty.


Magnet Pull-String Monitor Options

TL-02 - Pull-String Monitor with Magnet Switch
TL-02P - Economy Magnet Pull-String Monitor
TL-2000 - Magnet Pull-String Monitor
TL-3000 - Magnet Pull-String Monitor with Pause Button, Status Light, Low Battery Light

Non-Magnet Pull-String Monitor Options

These will prevent interference with other magnet-sensitive medical equipment.
TL-01 - Non-Magnet Pull-String Monitor with Separation Switch
TL-02B - Blue Bullet Economy Non-Magnet Pull-String Monitor