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We recognize that it can be confusing knowing what systems and devices are compatible and how to decide between systems based on your budget. A family-owned and operated business with over 14 years’ experience, we love helping to educate our clients from order through delivery. Our goal is to help you make the best choice, whether it’s for your own family or for your business and your clients! 

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“This company and product are excellent! We moved my 90 yo Mom into the apartment below us to protect her from Covid. We needed a way for her to alert us to night-time emergency such as a fall or blood sugar problem. We ordered a few things of Amazon, they didn’t work well at all. WE found National, called them, had a great conversation, order, and installed in less than 4 days. The cost was super-affordable, and the system came configured and ready to plug in and use. It works perfectly, exactly as they said it would, and I sleep soundly knowing Mom can wake me if she needs help.” – Dan Brown, May 5, 2020 

Our caring experts will help you select the right products to fit your needs 

National Call Systems offers a large selection of monitoring systems and devices. Our team will help you to better understand the differences between local monitors vs. central monitors, wireless monitors vs. wired monitors, and our EconomyCare vs. EliteCare monitors. 

We’ll make it easy for you to connect components like floor mats, chair sensors, call buttons, and more as you need. 

A-OK! 433-CMU monitor and nurse call buttons and pager 

“Been using since 2016 at assisted living home. This has been a dependable system for use. Will order another for a different facility.” – Jeffrey Masich, April 3, 2018 

We’ll take the mystery out of call systems alarms for you 

You’ll want to know more about the alarms that alert your monitor to go off, including call buttons, pressure pads, floor mats, motion sensors, seatbelts, and more. We’ll help you to understand which type of alarm works with the different monitors and we’ll work closely with you to find the best available system. 

This is an office game changer 

We work in an office administering Evaluations. Normally there are 6 to 8 people at a time in a conference room. For many years we have been using a small bell on each desk to alert the staff when they needed help. Certainly this could be very distracting. We have the monitor upfront with the office staff. They can easily take it with them wherever they go in the office. We attached each of the Individual call buttons to each desk with the adhesive tape that was provided. The client just pushes the call button and the front staff is immediately aware of who needs help. It took about 20 minutes to set up the entire system. The price was very affordable. The product arrived so quickly we were shocked. Thank you, thank you, thank you! NO MORE ANNOYING BELLS!” –Mary Schreiber

Choosing the right monitoring solution should be simple 

Our team will work with you one-on-one, so you’ll understand and feel comfortable with our monitoring solutions to decide which options work for you.

With your clients, your staff, and your family in mind, together we’ll determine the components you need based on your specific needs. We look forward to helping you!

For a free consultation, chat us or call us at 713-574-9500