"Unbreakable" Pull-String Monitor w/ Nurse Pause Button & Status Light (TL-3000)

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This Pull-String Fall Alarm Monitor features a magnet-positioned cord that attaches via a garment clip to the resident‰۪s clothing. When the resident attempts to get out of their chair or bed, the tension on the Pull-String Cord causes the magnet to pull away from its position, causing the fall alarm to sound, alerting the caregiver of the residents departure. Features include a pause button which allows staff to silence an alarming monitor without having to replace the magnet, status light that allows staff to visually check quickly that monitor is operational, safety release to reduce the risk of entanglement, low battery indicator, and a nurse call port (allows for use with existing nurse call system or with 433-CMU EconomyCare+ Central Monitor. This Pull-String Fall Monitor unit has a guard to protect from magnet slippage, preventing false alarms. Adjust the Cord Stop to desired Pull-String length for the resident‰۪s comfort and also to prevent false alarms. A Velcro strap is included for easy mounting. This monitor unit features a soft shock-proof unbreakable enclosure and a Lifetime Warranty.