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The NCS-NCB is the direct replacement for p/n: 433-NC, and is compatible with all units that use the 433-NC buttons. 

The NCS-NCB from National Call Systems is a wireless button that is designed to be programmed with the Ecomomy Care+  (Central Monitoring Unit).  It can be worn around the neck on a lanyard or mounted to the wall or bed in the patient or loved one's room. When the button is pushed it sends a wireless signal to the central monitor to alert the caregiver that the person is in need of assistance. It can be easily programmed to the central monitor and is user-friendly.  


  • Wireless - No dangerous cords or wires! It sends a signal to the Central Monitor.
  • Affordable - Great price for an effective product.
  • User-Friendly - Just push the button and help is on the way.

3D Spin

PLEASE NOTE: This spin does not show the included wall mount bracket.


  • Programs to NCS-EC-40 (Formerly 433-CMU)
  • Comes with Lanyard and Mounting Hardware
  • Wireless
  • Button can be pushed on top
  • Comes programmed with CMU if ordered together
  • Light to indicate it is working
  • Battery comes with button

Technical Specs


  • Width .75" 
  • Circumference 6.67"
  • A23S 12V battery


Included With: NCS-NCB

Package Includes:

  • 1 Call Button (NCS-NCB formerly 433-NC)
  • Lanyard
  • Mounting hardware
  • Battery comes installed



  • 4
    button function

    Posted by Daniel T Vivian on Apr 4th 2023

    This button works great for the price and gets the job done.

  • 5
    Call buttons

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 11th 2021

    Great! We love this product

  • 5
    Great product!!!

    Posted by Ed on Jul 29th 2015

    For the price, I don’t think that you will ever find a better product. Looked for months to find an economical call system for our 45 bed personal care facility. Of course price was a big factor in our decision to get the system, but to my surprise, the functionally of the product far surpasses the price. I would definitely recommend it to all of my associates in the industry.

  • 5
    Peace of mind in a silver dollar size.

    Posted by Bear Shelton on Jul 13th 2015

    This has been one of the best investments I have ever made. I've used this product for many years and now I am buying it again because somehow the one I had has gone missing since my last move. I don't want to live without it, because if you are in need of a care giver or nurse, you can't really live without it.

  • 4
    good addition to my current system

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 21st 2014

    I bought these on july 4th via the internet, i received an email about a delay due to customs and wont be shipped until the. 14th, as stated, shipped out on the 14th and arrived quickly. Programs easily , had to re-do all the buttons to sync with the system. It may seem like some dont work right away( sync) but you need to be patient. Might take a couple of tries to sync. I had 2 call buttons that came with the 433 system, and ordered 4 more. The casing is a little different from previous version but make sure its compatible with your system. Ie- 433 series. Once it was programs everything is working great. My only gripe with the 433 system is that when someone chimes, you need to always run back to the unit to turn it off or else it will keep beeping/chiming/calling the number. Or maybe the nurse pager can turn off the call. Maybe other units have that function. For the price and operation and functionality of the system, works for me. Will buy from this company again. ***Note from NCS Staff - We recommended this customer purchase a Remote Reset button which allows you to reset the calls with a small button in your pocket. SKU 433-RB.

  • 4
    Pendant review from assisted living maintenance director

    Posted by onecoolvanowner on Apr 3rd 2014

    These are the biggest expense of the call system. We have 3 individual call systems with 24 nurse call buttons on each call system. The pendants are not warrantied or water proof. One percent of our residents say the button is too big but for the most part it is liked by the residents. We do a battery/operating correctly test ever 30 days with ours because it does not have any other built in test for this. We have ran this product for 6 months now. We average replacing 9 pendants a month due to water damage (sometimes cell phone rice bag trick works to save them) and unknown part failure. On the whole very pleased with price and system parts.