Large Facility Central Monitor (TL-4015)

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Our economical central monitor for large facility’s is very versatile & easy to use. Available pre-programmed and our friendly staff will help you layout your needs.

Don’t Let Them Walk Alone

Designed to wirelessly connect with up to 999 devices. Alerts a caregiver when a resident is in need of assistance and displays which device triggered the alarm. The Smart Station can identify alerting devices with a designated number. The Smart Station functions with a variety of components and accessories including, Anti-Wandering Door Systems, Emergency Call Button & Light Systems, LCD Pagers and Quiet Fall Prevention Alert to Pager Systems.

Easy Setup

Emergency call buttons, call cords, sensor pads, and DepartAlert door bars will send a signal to the CMU and direct caregiver to the location patient is in need of assistance.


  • Alert indicates which device triggered the alarm.
  • Sends alert to caregiver pager.
  • Receives signal from up to 999 wireless devices in the facility.

Compatible Components

  • Anti-Wandering System: Safeguard your residents from dangerous wandering incidents with just a wristband and door-mounted alarm.
  • Emergency Call Button and Light System  - The Emergency Call Buttons & Light System includes a wireless call button with pull cord, a reset button, and a call alert with light.
  • Quiet Wireless Monitor: The TL-4016R
  • Bed and Chair Pressure Pads - Will alert Central Monitor if patient tries to get up from bed/chair. The PTB-WI is a 20"x30" and PTB-RI is a 10"x30" bed pads and the PTC-WI chair pads work wirelessly connect to the Large Facility Central Monitor
  • Pressure Sensing Door Mat - Alerts Central Monitor if stepped on. Place on bedside or at doorway. The FMT-07C 24"x48" and the FMT-05C 24"x36" floor mats work wirelessly with the Large Facility Central Monitor
  • Caregiver Pager - The NCS-ECP pager works with standard bed and chair sensor pads, and floor mats. The pager is activated when a resident gets up from the sensor pad and a alarm is sent via wireless to the Nurse or Caregiver.
  • AC Adapter - AC Power Adapter
  • Other accessories - We offer other accessories and add ons that can help optimize your system and navigate potential obstacles such as; range capability, silencing the monitor and adding more localized alarms to customize this to your needs. Give us a call if you have questions about any other options.

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Large Facility Central Monitor