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The NCS-MS (Motion Sensor) is great for any nursing home or assisted living facility. The Motion Sensor eliminates"in room" alarm noise by sending a wireless signal to a pager and Central Monitoring Unit alerting the caregiver. This is a wireless sensor so no need for cables or wires. The Motion Sensor is designed to be used with the EconomyCare+ or the 433-EC. It aids in anti-wandering and gives flexibility to the caregivers and residents with effective and unintrusive mobility monitoring.  The NCS-MS can be mounted next to a bed or doorway and is a perfect tool for any LTC, skilled nursing, or assisted living facility.


  • Wireless - Safe easy to use. 
  • Eliminates "in room" noise" - If the alarm is set off it sends a signal to the 433-CMU or 433-EC to alart the caregiver.
  • Versatile placement - The Motion Sensor can be placed on most surfaces with double sided tape or a couple of small screws (both included).

Compatible Fall Monitors and Systems


  • Eliminate in room alarm noise
  • Wireless Operation
  • Easy Monitoring

Included With: NCS-MS

Must have a EconomyCare+ Central Monitor to operate use this motion sensor!

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