PersonalCare+ Motion Sensor with Caregiver Pager

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The TL-5102MP PersonalCare+ Motion Sensor with Caregiver Pager System is perfect for in-home caregiving. This simple, streamlined system comes complete with one motion sensor and one caregiver pager. The caregiver pager has an audible alarm and is small enough to be carried in a pocket or clipped to a belt. This one to one system alerts the caregiver of a resident‰'s activities when the resident crosses through the motion sensor's infrared field as long as they are within 300 feet of eachother.  The motion sensor can be mounted to the wall next to the bed or near a doorway.  The motion sensor will not disturb the resident with a loud alarm or flashing lights; it eliminates in room noise and helps maintain a low stress environment.  The tone/chime on the pager is adjustable and it is easy to use. Cannot alter system by adding other components.


  • Quiet - The motion sensor only rings the pager that the caregiver is carrying. It will not disturb the loved one or patient.
  • Affordable - Low-Cost but effective way to help care for a loved one or resident.
  • Easy to use - Simply insert batteries and it's ready to use and mount the motion sensor; no programming necessary!


  • One to One system; perfect for in home use.
  • Minimal set up, just put in batteries, mount the sensor and you are set.
  • Audible alarm in pager so that the caretaker knows the patient or loved one is in need of assistance.
  • Pager is pocket sized and convenient to carry
  • Quiet; unlike most monitoring systems this does not disturb the loved one or resident with a loud alarm or flashing lights.
  • 90 Day Warranty


Included With: TL-5102MP

national-call-systems-tl-5102mp-personalcare-motion-sensor-with-caregiver-pager.jpgSystem Includes:
  • 1 Motion Sensor (batteries not included)
  • 1 Caregiver Pager with Audible Alarm (batteries not included)
  • 2 Screws 
  • 2 double stick tape strips
  • Cannot alter system by adding other components.

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    Elderly Mother Walking Around at Night

    Posted by Holly on Jan 13th 2021

    This item works perfect . I have it set up to notify me when my mother leaves her room. I actually am getting much better sleep now. I wish the pager had a volume control.

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    A wonderful product for caregivers to save anxiety and get more sleep at nighttime.

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 8th 2015

    My elderly mother would get out of bed every night to go to the bathroom and did not want to wake me to help her. Twice she fell and I had to call a male family member to help pick her up after it was determined she was not in pain and would need to go to the hospital. I needed something to let me know she had awaken and was sitting on the edge of the bed. There were products to signal when she had gotten up, but since she would sit on the bed when she first woke up, I needed a product that would signal at that time. The personal care sensor and pager product was just the thing. I had the pager in my room and It saved me many hours of anxiety and I could sleep because I know the pager would alert me when she was awake. Its a wonderful product and I would recommend it to anyone with this problem.