FallGuard Economy Monitor + "Extra-Wide" Bed Pad

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More information about package components: Fallguard Economy Monitor This Fall Monitor functions with bed monitor pressure pads, chair monitor pressure pads, floor mat monitors, or seatbelt monitors with both an audible and visual alert. This Fall Alarm features an On/Off switch, a Nurse Call input plug, and full range adjustable volume with three different monitor tones. This monitor has a One Year Warranty. "Extra-Wide" Pressure Pad for Bed (20" x 30") This weight-sensitive pressure pad is for bed fall alarm monitor use. When connected to a fall monitor, the pressure pad will trigger the fall alarm when weight is removed from the pressure pad itself. This pressure pad is the largest on the market and provides incontinence protection. It comes with a One Year Warranty and is 20‰Û x 30‰Û in size.