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 Our units are compatible and interchangeable with Smart Caregiver branded units. 

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This entry-level Wireless Nurse Call System is great for any small facility of 2-30 residents/patients or home health care residence.

  • 250' Wireless Range - Radius from nurse station.
  • Push-N'-Connect - Easy 2 step button setup.
  • Support - We are here to help you 365 days a year for the lifetime of the product.
  • Warranty - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee / 1-year free replacement.
  • Peace of Mind - Reassure your loved ones family members that they are in safe hands.
  • Pass Inspection - Avoid fines with this cost-effective system.

Description of How the EconomyCare+ System Works

The EconomyCare+ Wireless Nurse Call System is a central monitor system that is programmable for up to 40 nurse call buttons, motion sensors, bed and chair pressure pads, and more.

The EconomyCare+ Central Monitor (NCS-EC-40) alarms audibly and visually on the LCD display which resident originated the alarm. Kit includes wall power adapter, but central monitor can be used with 4 "C" batteries to operate completely wireless or as battery backup.

The Nurse Pager (NCS-ECP) will also be notified both audibly and visually on the LCD Screen as to which button has been pressed.

The Nurse Pager w/ Reset Button (NCS-ERBL) allows caregiver to cancel alarms right from their pager without having to walk back to the central monitor. 

The Nurse Call Button (NCS-NCB) comes both the wall mount and necklace to be worn pendant-style and has 250 ft. range. This call button is water-resistant, but cannot be worn in the shower or otherwise submerged in water. Steam room is OK.

You can tailor your system to include nurse call buttons and other monitoring components as you need for your facility.

Recommended Starter EconomyCare Plus Package Includes

  • 1 - Central Monitoring Unit 
  • 10 - Nurse Call Buttons (call bell) 
  • 2 - Nurse Pagers w/ LCD Screen Alert
You can configure the size of your system to include however many beds, bathrooms and community rooms your system has. 

You can also buy extra call buttons for residents to wear as pendants when they go outside. More buttons may be added to the system at any time after your initial configuration.

**IMPORTANT** The Central Monitor Unit can be programmed to work with up to 40 nurse call buttons or other monitors (ex. motion sensor) and unlimited number of nurse pagers. You may also expand and customize your system to meet the needs of your residents by choosing different monitoring devices, such as door mats or bed pads that will alert the central monitor and pagers if those alarms are tripped.

Compatible Components

  • Nurse Call buttons - When the button is pushed the alarm goes off on the central monitor. The NCS-NCB works wirelessly with the EconomyCare+
  • Bed and Chair Pressure Pads - Will alert Central Monitor if patient tries to get up from bed/chair. The PTB-WI is a 20"x30" and PTB-RI is a 10"x30" bed pads and the PTC-WI chair pads work wirelessly connect to the EconomyCare+
  • Pressure Sensing Door Mat - Alerts Central Monitor if stepped on. Place on bedside or at doorway. The FMT-07C 24"x48" and the FMT-05C 24"x36" floor mats work wirelessly with the EconomyCare+
  • Motion Sensor - Alerts nurse if movement is detected. The NCS-MS connects wirelessly to the EconomyCare+
  • Auxiliary Reset Button - This button will cancel all active alarms on the central monitor without having to go back to the monitor. The NCS-RB wirelessly resets the alarm from the EconomyCare+
  • Emergency Call Light System - The Emergency Call Buttons & Light System (NCS-ECLS) include a wireless call button with Pull Cord, Reset Button, and Call Alert with light. It is ideal for bathroom and hallway notification systems. 
  • Caregiver Pager - The NCS-ECP pager works with standard bed and chair sensor pads, and floor mats. The pager is activated when a resident gets up from the sensor pad and a alarm is sent via wireless to the Nurse or Caregiver.
  • AC Adapter - AC Power Adapter
  • Other accessories - We offer other accessories and add ons that can help optimize your system and navigate potential obstacles such as; range capability, silencing the CMU and adding more localized alarms to customize this to your needs. Give us a call if you have questions about any other options.

Printable documents:

Chart of all compatible monitors.

Setup Instructions for EconomyCare+ Monitor (433-CMU).

These come printed with the central monitor.

HUD Requirements for Emergency Call Systems

The link below is to the page describing the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Developing (HUD) Memorandum detailing the Office of Multifamily Housing Programs Policy on Requirements for Emergency Call Systems in Elderly Properties. 

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty on Central Monitor (433-CMU)

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty on Pager (433-PGD)

90 Day Warranty on Buttons (Considered a consumable item) (433-NC)


  • 5
    Very good product!

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 29th 2014

    We purchased this unit for an adult family home and it did exactly what we needed.

  • 5
    Call button

    Posted by Ron on Jul 24th 2014

    The call button system is great. Received in excellent working condition.

  • 4
    Great! I'd only change one thing!

    Posted by Felicia on Jun 12th 2014

    Great system! Wish there was a way to capture location. We assigned numbers based on client room numbers, but we had a client ring from outside on the patio today and had to play a game of tag! That's the only thing that could be improved- some kind of GPS-type feature. It works flawlessly as advertised. :)

  • 4
    Great! I'd only change one thing!

    Posted by Felicia on Jun 12th 2014

    Great system! Wish there was a way to capture location. We assigned numbers based on client room numbers, but we had a client ring from outside on the patio today and had to play a game of tag! That's the only thing that could be improved- some kind of GPS-type feature. It works flawlessly as advertised. :)

  • 5
    Love it!

    Posted by Luba Stefoglo on Mar 11th 2014

    This is exactly what I needed for my Adult Family Home. I looked at many other systems, and anything close to this costs thousands of dollars. I almost lost any hope to find a reasonably priced call system for a small facility, so glad I found this one. It arrived pre-programmed and ready to use, works great. Thank you!

  • 5
    Nurse Call System

    Posted by First Choice ALF on Jan 20th 2014

    The nurse call system is an excellent product. I was very excited to recieve the product and put it to use. The call sysem is worth every penny and illustrated a valuable tool in my business.

  • 5
    Best Wireless call system for the $$$

    Posted by Richard on Aug 30th 2013

    I needed an affordable call system for our new assisted living facility. I searched for quite some time until I came across this one. I couldn't believe it was this inexpensive, and would meet the licensing requirements of the state. When the inspector saw it, he asked where I got it, and is recommending it to other facilities. It came pre-programmed, and all I had to do was plug it in, and give the residents the call buttons. (You will need AA batteries for the pager) Everything worked flawlessly. I've got a wireless motion detector on the way, and will write a review on it when it comes. Don't think twice about it. Save your money for all the other expensive stuff that's needed for this business!

  • 5
    LOVING this call system!

    Posted by Becky - Reflection Living on Apr 28th 2013

    I just wanted to let you know that we are LOVING this call system. We have another system in place (cost over 4000$ with the pendants costing 140$ to replace which is happening frequently) and this system is working as good and better in some aspects! Thank you Thank you Thank you, for making a product that is cost effectient and works as good as the exspensive ones! Becky

  • 4
    Great range

    Posted by Dave on Apr 23rd 2013

    I have a facility where the halls are more than 100 feet in either direction and the signal strength was excellent at either end. It also has a pretty good customization for such an economically priced unit