Wireless Fall Prevention Floor Mat 24" x 36"

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The FMT-05C GhostCord® Floor Mat 24"x36" functions with absolutely no cords between the floor mat and the monitor! This floor mat can be placed beside the bed or near the doorway. The cordless pad talks to GhostCord Wireless Monitor(TL-2100G), EconomyCare+ Central Monitor (433-CMU), or EconomyCare Wireless Alarm (433-EC) using wireless technology.  When the floor mat has pressure applied or is stepped on by a resident trying to leave, it sends a signal to the monitor/alarm it is paired with, which sets off both an audible and visual alarm to alert the caregiver.  It is a heavyduty, industrial weight floormat that has beveled edges and non-slip grip which takes away from tripping hazards.  This is a perfect tool for any Memory Care facility looking for anti-wandering solutions.


  • Wireless - No dangerous cords!
  • Versatile - Place near doorway or bedside; anywhere you want to prevent wandering
  • Easy to use - just program the floor mat to your preferred monitor and place on floor. 


  • Pressure sensor that triggers alarm when weight is off the pad
  • 1 year warranty 
  • Works with TL-2100G, 433-CMU, and 433-EC
  • Wireless transmitter
  • No cords between monitor and floor mat
  • Available in the color black (FMT-03C)

Compatible Monitors and Systems

  • TL-2100G - GhostCord Wireless Monitor
  • 433-CMU - EconomyCare+ Central Monitor
  • 433-EC - EconomyCare Wireless Alar,

Included With: FMT-05C