Large Facility Nurse Call System

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Now you can bring robust, comprehensive protection to even the largest facilities with the EliteCare+ Central Monitor System. This innovative wireless system can be set up quickly and easily without the time, hassle, and expense of hardwiring your facility.

Just one EliteCare+ unit can monitor up to 99 unique devices at one time. Now you can safeguard numerous residents with call buttons, fall alerts, and anti-wandering protection with ease.

The EliteCare+ monitor provides you with detailed information about alerts, including the location so you can reduce your response time in situations where every moment counts.

Our system is designed for large nursing homes, assisted living centers, and other facilities that need to monitor the well-being of many people with different needs at the same time. We’re here to help you protect every single person in your care while meeting regulations without worry.

Once installed, it’s easy to connect new components so you can outfit your facility with the exact features needed to protect residents. In addition to the readout on the display, the central monitor also sends alerts to nurse pagers to ensure rapid response from every member of your team. The monitor stores activity records by patient name and room number, and the battery backup option ensures you can count on your system when you need it.

Optional Zone Protectors allow you to expand the wireless range of your system to cover every corner of your facility. The optional Caregiver Key™ allows you to activate TamperProof™ mode for added peace-of-mind.

The EliteCare+ Wireless Central Monitor System comes with a 1-year warranty, and the attentive, expert support our customers love.

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Included With: TL-2015R2


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  • TL-2015R2 EliteCare+ Wireless Central Monitor