Hallway Emergency Light & Alarm

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The 2007-ECA Hallway Emergency Light & Alarm is a great addition to any Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facility.  When a pull cord or button is pushed, the alarm sounds and flashes, alerting the caretaker that the resident is in need of assistance.  It should be mounted outside the resident's room or near the nurse call station (as long as it does not exceed 150' from call button).  It is a wireless alarm so installation is hassle-free.  Just put batteries in and it is ready to go.  Up to 14 different components can be programmed to the alarm, including pull cords (2007-CB), reset buttons (2007-RB), Fall Monitor (TL-2016), and it works with the EliteCare+ Central Monitor (TL-2015R2).  


  • Great for any facility - Mount this on the wall outside a bathroom or residents bedroom
  • Audible and visual alarm - Easy to hear and see
  • Wireless - No cords or hassel


  • The wireless ECA alarm should be mounted in the hallway or nurse call station (not to exceed 150 ft.)
  • If needed you can add a signal bumper 2007-ECA-B
  • It features a flashing light and adjustable volume control.
  • Runs on 4 "D" batteries, or with optional wall power supply.
  • Use multiple reset buttons and pull cords per light, or multiple lights per pull cord
  • We can program them in almost any combination you'd like, so long as you have at least one of each component. The hallway alarm, 2007-ECA, can "listen" for as many pull cord alarms as you need, so you can expand your system by purchasing more bathroom pull cord (2007-CB) and reset button (2007-RB).


Included With: 2007-ECA