• DepartAlert Door Monitoring System

    Smart Caregiver

    DepartAlert Door Monitoring System

    The DepartAlert Door Monitoring System is a tool for any Memory Care or Nursing home facility looking for anti-wandering solutions. When a resident wearing a wristband transmitter is attempting to exit through a monitored single doorway the...

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  • National Call Systems motion sensor for Economy Care+

    National Call Systems

    Motion Sensor for EconomyCare+

    The 433-MS (Motion Sensor) is great for any nursing home or assisted living facility. The Motion Sensor eliminates"in room" alarm noise by sending a wireless signal to a pager and Central Monitoring Unit alerting the caregiver. This is a wireless...

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  • FMT-05C Cordless Floor Mat

    Smart Caregiver

    Wireless Fall Prevention Floor Mat 24" x 36"

    The FMT-05C GhostCord® Floor Mat 24"x36" functions with absolutely no cords between the floor mat and the monitor! This floor mat can be placed beside the bed or near the doorway. The cordless pad talks to GhostCord Wireless Monitor(TL-2100G),...

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  • Infrared Fall Monitoring Anti Wandering Alarm

    Smart Caregiver

    Infrared Sensor for EconomyCare+

    DISCONTINUED ITEM - UPRADED TO MOTION SENSOR SKU 433-MS   This fall monitor reduces falls by projecting a focused infrared beam along the headboard or side of the resident‰۪s bed. To be used with the EconomyCare+ Central Monitor...