About Us

National Call Systems is a family owned and operated corporation founded in 2007. We also have several nursing homes across Idaho; and when we needed new call systems in our own facilities, we found the Smart Caregiver Corporation. This is a fast-growing company that provides the latest and greatest in wireless call system technology for facilities large and small. We decided it would be a great opportunity to distribute their line of products to facilities across the United States that were just like us. 
     Fast forward to 2010 - We still proudly offer the full lineup of Smart Caregiver products, however things are now moving at quite a pace. We've invested a new fully-featured e-commerce website to provide the best experience for our customers, as we know things can be a bit confusing as to what is compatible with what. We've also expanded our staff to two full-time employees to help keep our orders flowing out the door as fast as they are coming in. 
     We are also expanding our services! We are now working with knowledgeable contractors in the Greater Houston area to provide turn-key call system solutions. Future plans also include offering a line of wired nurse call systems to provide the one-stop solution for nursing homes, assisted living and hospital facilities for call system needs.