EliteCare+ Wireless Central Monitoring

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The TL-2015R2 EliteCare+ Wireless Central Monitor System is completely wireless and can be used with a large variety of peripheral devices, including bed and chair monitors, floor mats, door monitors, nurse call buttons, bathroom pull cords, and hallway emergency lights for a complete resident monitoring system in one wireless CMU. Up to 999 different devices can be monitored at one time using this system. This is perfect for any Nursing Home, Large Care Facility, or Assisted Living Faciility.  It is a versatile system that can be used for anti-wandering, fall alerts, nurse calling, and much more.  This top of the line wireless central monitoring system is a great addition to any facility that is looking to meet regulations and requirements and give the clients or residents it serves the best in quality care.


  • Wireless- No expensive hardwiring or dangerous cords.
  • Many components - Customize the components to the central monitor that work best for your facility.
  • Quality - This is the top of the line in Wireless Central Monitoring Systems


  • Wireless system
  • Easy to program with out hardwiring
  • Monitor 999 clients/residents with this central monitor
  • LCD screen that shows what device has triggered the monitor
  • Can alert a nurse pager
  • Provides detailed information, including location, about which sensor device triggered the alert
  • Optional TamperProof™ mode with included Caregiver Key™
  • Expandable wireless range with optional Zone Protectors
  • Store records of activity by resident name or room number
  • Optional battery backup
  • 1 year warranty
Components that can be programmed to EliteCare:

Included With: TL-2015R2



Included In Package:

  • TL-2015R2 EliteCare+ Wireless Central Monitor