EconomyCare+ Central Monitor & Components

  • Front view of the EconomyCare+ Wireless Nurse Call System with one pager and three call buttons.

    National Call Systems

    EconomyCare+ Wireless Nurse Call System

    IN STOCK - ORDERS SHIP WITHIN 24 HOURS MONDAY-FRIDAY WITH FREE FEDEX SHIPPING. New 2019 unit NCS-EC-40 is backwards compatible with any SKUs starting with 433-, such as 433-CMU-40, 433-CMU-PK, 433-NC, 433-PGD, 433-RB, etc. Our units are compatible and...

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  • 433-RB Auxilary Reset Button to be used with 433-CMU for remote rest of pages.

    National Call Systems

    Auxiliary Reset Button for EconomyCare+

    Reset button for EconomyCare+ central monitor. This button will cancel all active alarms on the central monitor without having to go back to the monitor. Great for large facilities or in facilities that may not have a nurse at the central station at...

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  • National Call Systems Emergency Pager

    National Call Systems

    Nurse Pager w/ LCD for EconomyCare+ Monitor

    The 433-PGD (Caregiver Pager with LCD Display) works with standard bed and chair sensor pads, and floor mats. The pager is activated when a resident gets up from the sensor pad and a alarm is sent via wireless to the Nurse or Caregiver. The...

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  • GB-WI GhostCord Wide Wireless Bed Pad

    Smart Caregiver

    Wireless GhostCord Wide Bed Pad (20" x 30")

    The GBT-WI GhostCord® cordless pad 20"x30" functions with absolutely no cords between the pad and the monitor! This bed pad can be placed underneath the patient on the bed. The cordless pad talks to GhostCord Wireless Monitor or EconomyCare+...

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  • National Call Systems Wireless nurse call system monitor

    National Call Systems

    EconomyCare+ Wireless Central Monitor

    ***The NCS-EC-40 is a direct replacement for the sku 433-CMU or 433-CMU-40** The EconomyCare+ Wireless Nurse Call System is a central monitor system that is programmable for up to 40 nurse call buttons (NCS-NCB), motion sensors, bed and...

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  • National Call Systems motion sensor for Economy Care+

    National Call Systems

    Motion Sensor for EconomyCare+

    The 433-MS (Motion Sensor) is great for any nursing home or assisted living facility. The Motion Sensor eliminates"in room" alarm noise by sending a wireless signal to a pager and Central Monitoring Unit alerting the caregiver. This is a wireless...

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  • National Call Systems Emergency Call Button with Lanyard Attached

    National Call Systems

    Nurse Call Button for EconomyCare+ Monitor

    The NCS-NCB is the direct replacement for p/n: 433-NC, and is compatible with all units that use the 433-NC buttons.  The NCS-NCB from National Call Systems is a wireless button that is designed to be programmed with the Ecomomy Care+...

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  • Infrared Fall Monitoring Anti Wandering Alarm

    Smart Caregiver

    Infrared Sensor for EconomyCare+

    DISCONTINUED ITEM - UPRADED TO MOTION SENSOR SKU 433-MS   This fall monitor reduces falls by projecting a focused infrared beam along the headboard or side of the resident‰۪s bed. To be used with the EconomyCare+ Central Monitor...