Bathroom Pull Cord Alarm Kit

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The 2007-CB-RB Bathroom Pull Cord Alarm Kit includes the nurse call button/pull cord (2007-CB) andthe Reset Button(2007-RB). These two components can be programmed to the 2007-ECA Emergency Call light and alarm or to the  TL-2015 EliteCare+ Central Monitoring Unit. The wireless bathroom pull cord is completely waterproof, so it can be mounted within bathrooms, showers, as well as steam rooms. We have even seen them mounted to the ceiling above indoor jacuzzi and pools (note: you will need to extend the pull-string if you do this so that it will hang within reach).


This kit includes:

  • 1/ea Wireless bathroom pull cord (2007-CB)
  • 1/ea Reset button (2007-RB)


  • Easty to Install - Each item can generally be installed in less than 5 minutes with the included screws. (2 screws per item)
  • Buttons are waterproof, so you don't have ot worry about mounting them in wet areas where they are truly needed. 
  • In-expensive - Hardwired systems generally cost as twice as much or more than ours, and then you still have to pay an electrician to install a hard-wired system.
  • Pull or Push for assistance - If a resident or loved one is need of help, they can pull the cord or push the button.

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