Weight-Sensing Floor Mat

  • FMT-05C Cordless Floor Mat

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    Wireless Fall Prevention Floor Mat 24" x 36"

    The FMT-05C GhostCord® Floor Mat 24"x36" functions with absolutely no cords between the floor mat and the monitor! This floor mat can be placed beside the bed or near the doorway. The cordless pad talks to GhostCord Wireless Monitor(TL-2100G),...

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Weight-sensing floor mats function with the TL-2100 Series Fall Monitors as well as TL-2015REV central monitors to signal a fall alarm when weight is placed on the floor mat fall alarms. Floor Mat signals the fall alarm with as little as 1-1/2 lbs of pressure. The Floor Mat Alarm may be placed at the side of a bed or in a doorway to alert the caregiver when a resident attempts to depart from a bed or a doorway. This Floor Mat Fall Alarm features a phone jack style plug. When floor mats are being used as a wireless system, the floor mat triggers the Wireless Transmitter (TL-2016 REV) which then sends a signal to the Central Monitor Unit (TL-2015 REV), informing the caregiver of which floor mat alarm was activated. Floor mats are made out of heavy-duty soft vinyl and are moisture sealed for long lasting use. “Extra Long” Floor mats are available (FM-07 or FM-08), designed for bedside use.